Prescription Savings Programs and Cards

Prescription savings or discount cards are free programs offered to help you save money on the high cost of prescription medications. These programs make prescriptions more affordable for the uninsured and the underinsured, and can be used to supplement most health insurance plans. Most Membership Card programs are completely free and available to everyone. No personal information is required to join and most have no enrollment forms, no eligibility requirements, and no restrictions of any kind. Creating a card online is a quick and easy process.

What drugs are covered?

You’ll save on most, but not all, prescriptions. Most cards are good for prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies if written on a prescription blank, and pet prescription medicines purchased at a pharmacy.

These cards are not valid in combination with other insurance plans, including Medicare, Medicaid or any state or federal prescription insurance. These cards can be used only if you decide not to use your government-sponsored drug plan for your purchases.

What if I have insurance?

Anyone can use the card, but it can’t be combined with insurance.

You can use the card instead of insurance if:

  • A drug isn’t covered by your insurance
  • Your insurance has no drug coverage
  • You have a high drug deductible
  • You have met a low medicine cap
  • The card offers a better price than your copay
  • You are in the Medicare Part D donut hole

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